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About the lake
Size- The main lake is approx. 6,800 acres.The sub impoundment, also called Monticello Recreation lake is about 300 acres.The main lake and rec. lake is divided by a dike at the north end of the main lake and is also where hwy 99 crosses the lake.

Purpose- Monticello was built to be used as a cooling pond for VC Summer Nuclear Plant.They also generate alot of power thru the hydro-electric station as well.It was completed around 1979.It has been said, that the lake was not going to be opened to the public but some votes over-came that.I dont know the whole story on it but I'm glad it happened.

Characteristics- One of the most unique features of the lake, is that a river does not directly feed into it.It was damned in a large valley, that had a creek running thru it called Frees Creek.The main source of water comes from the Broad River, right above the Parr Reservoir dam.Theres a series of huge pipes that run from Monticello down into Parr Res./Broad River.The water is pumped from the Broad up into Monticello during low power demands and pumped back out to generate power during high demands.

This causes the water in Monticello to fluctuate up to 3 feet daily, sometimes more but not to often.The fluctuation is pretty consistent from mid to late May thru about mid September, when air conditioners are running full fledged.The fall, winter and spring is not near as consistent.You never know when the water may suddenly rise or fall during the cooler weather.This fluctuation causes alot of  current in some parts of the lake and that current can be real important.Especially when it comes to catching certain species of fish, at certain times of the year.

The deepest water that I have found is around 160 foot.Theres lots of 40 to 100 foot of water.Lots of gullies, valleys, ridges, humps and long points.Theres also lots of trees in the bottom of the lake.Theres no documentation to verify this but.... Most of the residents in the area and workers that helped build it say that most of the trees were topped off about 20 foot before the lake was full.This seems to be pretty close to right on, because most of the trees top out right around 20 feet below the surface.Theres old roads, bridges, churches, houses, feilds, old farm ponds, graveyards and who knows what else under the water.

Boat Ramps- Theres 2 public boat ramps on the lake.One is right next to the park off Hwy 215, the other is at the north end of the lake off of hwy 99.

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